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About Our School

Mansion Avenue School - Public School #2
Mansion Avenue School - Public School #2

"Mansion Avenue School has always been a great place to learn and grow. The first school at this location was Public School #2, built in 1914 by Fred Lang, Sr., an Audubon resident. The school originally had four rooms and taught kindergarten thru fourth grade, but was enlarged in 1920. Supervised summer recreation programs were held at the school's two playgrounds each summer. The school basement was used for Welfare Offices, the Commissioner's Meeting place, and housed the Audubon Public Library until 1956.

In 1963, Public School #2 had 597 students, 34 classroom teachers and 2 special teachers. The art teacher from the high school taught at the grade school one day a week. Students went home for lunch and the lunch period was a full hour long.

The new school, built in 1970 on the site of the Public School #2's playgrounds, was a school without walls. Students were taught in one big open area. Eventually walls were put up between the classrooms. The old school was torn down when the new Mansion Avenue School was completed. 

In 1994, there were a total of 28 grade level and special education classes in MAS. The school was now handicapped accessible, and in 1995, the addition of two new kindergarten classrooms and two small group instruction rooms was completed."

Beginning with the 2008-2009 school year, the school district was revamped and Mansion Avenue is now home to Grades 3 thru 6.

from Audubon 1905 - 1995, 90 Years of Community
APPLE Publishing Company, Spring 1995